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"I had been experiencing hip, knee and lower back pain for years. This pain made it difficult for me to walk and do other things I enjoy. I had tried chiropractic care with other doctors and had not received any relief until I came to see Dr. Tom. I have made fantastic progress since beginning care! I am moving without pain which improves my quality of life! Dr. Tom really listens and gives positive advice. I like that he is very knowledgeable about chiropractic, nutrition, and health and his ideas really work! Dr. Tom’s caring attitude and manner are awesome! I’m happier with him than any other Dr. I’ve ever been too! Thanks!”


“I was in a rear end car accident in 2000. Two days after the accident my brother told me to go see Dr. Jensen. I was in so much pain I needed my 67 year old aunt to help me get out of bed in the morning! In the past when I went to the doctor they would just give me pain pills. I hated how groggy these pills made me feel and they didn’t fix my problems. When I went to see Dr. Jensen I started to feel better after a week. As a marathon runner, I was concerned that I would have to give up running. Since Dr. Tom has gotten me in such good shape, I have not only been able to run but I have run 2 more marathons with plans to run more! I have referred all my friends and family to Dr. Tom and they are living more pain free lives without drugs too!”


“My son Jon at age 4 was experiencing headaches that made him throw up. As a mom I had to stand by and watch him as he could not move or stand up because of the pain. We had to keep him away from light, which made his headache worse! We had taken him to the doctor and had him checked for everything from West Nile to vision problems. They told us everything was fine, but Jon continued to have headaches. After his first treatment with Dr. Tom Jon’s symptoms were drastically improved and after the first week he was back to his normal self! The thing I really like about Dr. Tom is that he makes kids feel comfortable and doesn’t make getting adjusted scary for them at all!”


Dr. Tom has helped me so much in such a short time. When I started seeing Dr. Tom I had terrible back pain. I thought I would have to have surgery, but no more. I am so grateful to Dr. Tom for listening to me and being able to fix my problem. I can walk further now and I am able to be on my feet longer without pain. His treatments have helped me be happier and have less stress. His staff is friendly. The location is convenient and the parking is close. The office is nice and bright. I am so glad I switched to Dr. Tom.


One thing I really like about Dr. Tom’s office is his technology. He has this cool machine that tests what the nerves in your back are doing. He did this for me on my first visit and the test was right on. Then as I started to get better, he did the test again and it looked much better. It was nice to have something concrete to show me that I was not only getting better on the outside but on the inside too.


I started seeing Dr. Tom 6 years ago for excruciating pain in my shoulder, neck and lower back. It was so painful for me on a daily basis that my job was awful and my friends and family could hardly stand to be around me. The thing that really motivated me to come in was watching my son and seeing how I could not be the dad he needed me to be when I was in so much pain. That all changed when I came to see Dr. Tom. After my first visit I felt tons better and within the first week I noticed a huge difference. Over the years whenever I have needed Dr. Tom he has been there for me. I enjoy his enthusiasm for what he does, his friendly and caring attitude and most of all the fact that he is good at what he does. I am always amazed that he can find my sore spots before I even tell him where they are at!


Since coming to see Dr. Tom I have much improved posture and range of motion in my spine. It just makes me feel better about myself. Dr. Tom is very knowledgeable about different techniques, stretches, nutrition and exercises. He doesn’t push things on you. His attitude is more, “How can I serve you better?”


Dr. Tom really knows what he is doing! I can do so much more without pain now. I have more energy and I feel like doing things instead of just sitting around. Dr. Tom’s office is very relaxing and friendly. I always come a few minutes early to use the massage chair before my adjustment.


One of the things I really like about coming to see Dr. Tom is that his staff does a great job of setting up his schedule. When I come for my scheduled appointment he is just finishing up with the person before me and I get right in. There is no waiting and since I am busy I really appreciate that! Dr. Tom is also the best chiropractor I have been to. He has a bunch of different ways to adjust you depending on what you need that day. He's great at what he does.

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5011 S Bur Oak Place,
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5011 S Bur Oak Place,
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

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