10 Dangerous Thoughts About Your Health

Call Us Today If you are noticing or thinking any of the following:

1. Maybe it will go away
2. It comes and goes
3. It's not that bad
4. It only hurts when I...
5. I know what my problem is, it's...
6. I was told I've got to live with it, so I do
7. My doctor could not find anything wrong
8. I have been this way for years, why change now?
9. I don't want to know
10. It's because of my age

What is your body trying to tell you? Learn to listen to your body instead of covering up pain or possible symptoms. Call Dr. Tom Jensen at Your Family Chiropractor today to schedule an evaluation!

No Pain, No Gain?

Eliminate pain for optimum performance

Everyone has heard the popular saying about "no pain, no gain" when dealing with athletic and exercise programs. The truth is, you can improve your performance and athletic abilities with the alleviation of your current pain. Today everyone from professional athletes to clients that work out on an occasional basis are turning to chiropractic adjustment plans in order to accomplish their wellness and fitness goals.

"A recent study found that athletes who underwent regular chiropractic care enjoyed a 10% improvement in their overall performance time and results compared to athletes who were not under chiropractic care."

They key to the success of the programs and your overall well being is to keep your body tuned and to stay in front of potential injuries. When you are challenging your mental and physical limits every day, you are able to prepare your body for the challenges with proper chiropractic care and adjustments. If you think about the 10% improvement mentioned above, imagine if your immune system, energy, nerve nutrition and sleep were all increased by 10%! This would go a long way in preserving your overall wellness and day to day activities.

Subluxations are sabotaging your health!

Removing the mind-body interference can help you become your best

The human body nerve system is the link responsible for communication between your body and mind. This statement alone illustrates why it is important to keep your nervous system and spinal cord in the best possible condition to live a healthy life.

When you leave subluxations unchecked, you run the risk of:
•Reducing your range of motion
•Causing acute and chronic pain
•Feeling old
•Loss of energy and increased fatigue
•Reducing your ability to deal with stress
•Deformation, scar tissue and disc decay
•Loss of height with age
•Decreased athletic performance
•Physical and mental disability

If you would like to take the next step toward a life free of subluxations, call Dr. Tom Jensen at Your Family Chiropractor today to schedule an evaluation.