Meet the Team

Meet the Team

True Dedication

Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom

Chiropractor Serving Sioux Falls, SD

Dr. Tom Jensen lives with his wife, Tiffany, his 2 sons, Samuel and Rocco, and daughter, Laney, in Sioux Falls, SD. Dr. Tom grew up in Vermillion, SD where he earned a degree in Biology at USD. He then attended Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN, where he graduated magna cum laude in 1999.

It was at USD where Dr. Tom had his first chiropractic experience. While playing football for the USD Coyotes, Dr. Tom experienced a serious neck injury. He first sought care from the physical therapy, athletic training and medical staff as recommended by his coaches. After two weeks of this care Dr. Tom was not getting any better. He was unable to hold a pencil and experiencing painful numbness and tingling in his arms and hands. It was then that one of his teammates told him he should go to the chiropractor.

With any information, you can choose to do one of three things. You can implement what you have learned. You can put the information in your pocket for later. Or you can bury the new stuff in the sand, never to be seen again. Dr. Tom chose to put this chiropractic information in his pocket. It wasn't until another 2 weeks had passed with still no relief that Dr. Tom took his teammate's advice and visited a chiropractor.

That was a life changing experience! Before his first adjustment, the chiropractor said to Dr. Tom, "The power that made the body can heal the body as long as there is no interference." Dr. Tom then got adjusted and within 15 minutes he was gaining feeling back in his hand. Dr. Tom knew from this moment he had been called to share chiropractic with others. He changed his major from criminal justice to biology and decided to become a chiropractor, graduating at the top of his class in chiropractic school.

Dr. Tom says, "I love what I do! My goal is to be the best chiropractor I can for my patients. Caring for patients is what I do. As your chiropractor, if I can take the pressure off in your spine, you will feel better, but more importantly, your spine will age better as well.”


Claya’s voice is the friendly greeting you will receive when you call Your Family Chiropractor for an appointment. Claya runs the front desk at Your Family Chiropractor. In addition to finding just the right spot for you in our schedule, Claya takes care of lots of the office work that helps make your visit efficient and running smoothly. When she is not hanging out with her favorite chiropractor, Claya loves baseball, running, hiking and she even knits!


Tiffany is married to her family chiropractor. It was watching Dr. Tom`s enthusiasm and passion for what he does that grabbed her and brought her to work in his chiropractic office. "Seeing the excitement in his eyes each day when he returned home and hearing about how he loved to be a chiropractor made me want to be part of changing people’s lives too!"

Tiffany has an undergraduate and master’s degree in education and teaches 4th graders at Harvey Dunn Elementary when she’s not working for Your Family Chiropractor. Tiffany enjoys using her educational experience and skills to teach Mothers Morning Out classes and children's classes at the clinic. Tiffany also works with insurance claims at Your Family Chiropractor and will be the one making sure your claim goes through perfectly.